Monday, February 13, 2012

degrees that work: Plastics

degrees that work: Plastics Tube. Duration : 28.02 Mins. Plastics touch every aspect of life. Without plastics, much of what we depend on daily at work and home would disappear. Despite its prevalence, the moldable material doesnt enjoy top-of-the-mind awareness, especially among the current generation of students. This episode of degrees that work. attempts to change that. The expertise of national experts is combined with the work of high school students engaged in a plastics project to illuminate the exciting nature and possibilities of the field. Visits to NPE 2009 in Chicago, the largest gathering of plastics professionals in the world, and to KNEX Brands, one of the largest injection molders in the country, provide additional insight into a sector that offers ample, rewarding career opportunities for todays students.

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