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Removing Ghosts and Other Malevolent Spirits

Ghosts and spirits commonly mean no harm to the living. Sometimes they don't even know that they are ghosts. These paranormal entities will end up attached either by option or by some other factor to peoples homes, stores, streets and other places . Due to the many emails we have received request how to take off these paranormal entities from their homes, we will try to cover most of the many distinct options there are out there for doing just that.

One of the most easy methods of removing a ghost or spiritual entity from your home is to speak to the ghost in a loud and firm voice and tell it to please leave your home. You don't need to be mean about it, especially if the ghost isn't showing any signs of being evil or mean to you. Mentioning that the spirit is in fact a ghost might help if it is unaware of the fact. The ghost may still believe that it is alive and still think it is the owner of the home, portraying you as the intruder. Remember though, this recipe is best used in the less severe haunting cases.

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There are other, more stranger ways of dealing with paranormal pests out there that many claim to work. One recipe I have read about is hanging garlic cloves in all the areas of your home that you believe to have, or has had an unwanted paranormal presence. Another thing one can try to do to take off a spirit from their home is to remodel, or redecorate your home. This can work on spiritual hauntings and on residual hauntings as well. For those that don't know, a residual haunting is not undoubtedly spirits of the dead, but left over power creating sounds, smells, and apparitions of population and things of the past. These things are not conscience of you or themselves.

Removing Ghosts and Other Malevolent Spirits

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If the ghosts you are dealing with still will not leave and are showing signs of evil and harm to you and those that live with you, you can first try to take off any negative feelings you may have inside yourself. Try to decree any arguments and disagreements that members of your household may be having. The speculate you want to take off any negative emotions from your home is because the spirit may be feeding off of it. If the ghost or spirit is truly evil you may be just giving it the reaction it wants from you. Even if this doesn't thoroughly take off the paranormal pest, it may still weaken it to a confident degree. I strongly believe it is at least worth a try. If nothing else you will at least have a happier home.

For the most nastiest of Ghosts, negative spirits, and demons you should first try having your home blessed by a priest, or other holy figure. Even if you are not religious you can still have blessings performed in your home. If that has little or no sway on the paranormal entity or entities, your next step should be to get a hold of your local ghost investigations group, particularly one that has a proven track article for removing unwanted supernatural presences. Take your time and do your explore on these supposed professionals before you decree on which one you call. There are all the time some that are more pro than others.

If the pro ghost investigators fail, then There are only two other options that I can offer. An exorcism can be performed by Catholic priests and Protestant ministers to help drive out the more malicious spirits. Exorcisms are however a very serious matter and should only be performed by trained, superior professionals. Never effort to achieve one yourself and never use things such as Ouija boards to try and touch the spirit or spirits! If all else fails then the only thing else you can do is to naturally leave the location of the paranormal disturbances. This is a very greatest measure to take but if the ghost or other type of entity is that awful, harmful, and perhaps even abusive and dangerous, than leaving may seem like a small price to pay for your peace.

These are all the options I have found in my explore for removing ghosts, spirits, malicious spirits, and even demons. There may be others out there with more methods of removing ghosts. It might be a good idea to check them out as well if you are having troubles with the paranormal. Just remember to select your methods wisely. If one is not careful, he or she might make their ghostly problems get much worse instead of better!

Removing Ghosts and Other Malevolent Spirits

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