Saturday, February 25, 2012

#Wal-Mart & Rev. Martin L. King Jr., Legacy of Workers Rights Ignored!

#Wal-Mart & Rev. Martin L. King Jr., Legacy of Workers Rights Ignored! Video Clips. Duration : 12.27 Mins.

TO: Home of Wal-Mart Store Executives Stores addressed: #411, 588, 686, 843, 853, 858, 889, 952, 1072, 1488, 2615, 5797, 15328, and my You Tube Channel of Information for American Workers: All Wal-Mart Workers need to understand Health Insurance and how it will impact them across America. So please review the following links and educate yourself on what you are getting or not getting for your money. Moreover, a few days ago by a at Wal-Mart Manager from Store #899 that a Department Manager was fired for speaking with a person from a union. I was called and informed that the union member was asking for social security number and that the store manager fired the worker. I learned from my civil and human rights activity never to make conclusion until I have done my own investigation. This I will be doing this week and will definitely let the results of my finding from the terminated worker be known to all within this circle of communication. While I do not speak for any organization but I speak because I am concerned about American Workers and have a responsibility to help people when I get the opportunity. I am amazed at the level of fear that resides with Wal-Mart Workers in 2011. However, the struggle must continue if we are to help people that have no recourse but to accept mistreatment and be ignored by America's largest retail giant without any help from their elected officials. The following links will show what is going on at Wal-Mart Stores Inc ...

Keywords: Walmart Store #899, 2615, Lies about unions, Wal-Mart Store Managers

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